Generation Excel

Rev. Dr. Ray Hammond, a well-respected leader in the faith-based community and civil society in Boston founded Generation Excel (GenEx), a program of Bethel AME Church, with his wife Rev. Dr. Gloria White-Hammond to serve at-risk and high-risk youth of color in Boston. I started working with him as a Program and Development Consultant when he realized that GenEx had a pattern of financial deficit that needed to be addressed.

I started with a comprehensive assessment that led to the identification of organizational issues that they acknowledged. I worked with them to not just propose a plan to address these issues, but for close to four years, I rolled my sleeves up and worked as a member of their team to implement the plan. 

Over this period of time, I worked with program staff to develop a number of special initiatives. I trained them in program evaluation. I helped to restructure their budget and development process, changed their marketing approach and develop new marketing and fundraising materials that helped them increase their funding base by 90%. In the course of my work, I got to know many of community youth, and had the pleasure and privilege of seeing some of them grow into charismatic and inspiring young leaders.  In effect, I saw the positive impact that thoughtful, well-structured and caring programs can make on the lives of young people.  

“Marie-Rose has done tremendous work for Generation Excel.  Because she is always pushing us to be more structured and more creative, our program is much better…Marie-Rose has been far more than a consultant; she has been a friend whose wise counsel and insight have made her an invaluable member of our team.”


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