Writing and Speaking

Speaking with a group at the “Pathways to Power” Symposium, held 18th – 19th November 2019 in London.

As a Black, immigrant woman who is a parent, daughter, sister, and member of many communities, I have something to say. I didn’t always see my experiences, questions, and opinions as ones that needed to be shared, or that could be heard. But in recent years, I’ve learned how powerful sharing can be. Sharing invites growth and connections, both for me and those with whom I share space. I hope it encourages others to build confidence in sharing their stories, too. 



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I know how thankless and solitary … and heavy our type of work can be. It’s essential to pause and say thanks to the fighters/warriors.

I shared this sentiment with my friend and ally Jennifer Lentfer of How Matters, which she shared along with a poem that I wrote. Read the poem >>