What would you do if you thought you couldn’t fail?

I am a partner for community change.  I invite people, communities, and organizations to be the best they can be. I value actions over words and learning in every moment. With honesty paired with sensitivity and grounded in deep appreciation for our shared humanity, I guide you in unleashing your potential  and amplifying your impact to create positive change and sustainable impact.

What I do

And how we build together

Relationships power my work. My experiences in executive leadership, board development and management, economic development, community organizing, housing development, social services programming, and fundraising have taught me that the most productive work comes from thoughtful connections. I spend time getting to know you and your organization, you get to know me and the passion, skills, experience and commitment that I bring into my work, and we then use that trust to move forward together. We will sometimes  sit in discomfort and messiness as we figure things out together.  We may need to get out of the “boxes” or make a new one, but together, we will develop structured and meaningful solutions for the work at hand.

“Marie-Rose enabled us to unpack the strategic barriers and provided fresh insight into possible enablers that were beyond the obvious.  Her advice was targeted and specific and will really help us prioritize and move faster to action.” Tim Boyes-Watson, Global Director of Insights and Influence, Humentum

Writing and Speaking

Sharing in community

“We began a journey WITH our communities to seek answers that we didn’t have. We asked the community at every step of the way. Never assuming, never just telling them that ‘we were coming.’ They were and are the experts. It’s their community. They know best.”

From The Haiti Community Foundation: The Impossible Made Possible