One of my favorite authors, Albert Camus once said: “I understood that it wasn’t enough to merely denounce injustice. I understood that one had to dedicate one’s life to fighting it.”

For decades, I have dedicated my life to fighting injustice in tangible ways. My focus has been the creation of viable and sustainable pathways of development for low-income individuals, marginalized communities and developing countries.  

I was born and raised in Haiti from a long line of leaders and entrepreneurs. I was a girl born with a critical mind who questioned the male dominated society where she was born. As I matured over the years, I systematically applied my critical mind to every setting that I encountered. I have  lived and worked in both the Global South and the Global North. My transnational, cross-cultural experience and global perspective have both informed and enriched my thinking, approach and sharpened my effectiveness.  

I am unapologetically passionate about my work as it reflects who I am: a pragmatic idealist; a dedicated results-oriented  practitioner who believes in people and community-centered approaches; a dynamic problem solver who’s not afraid to bridge silos, build partnerships and coalitions or to set aside old boxes and paradigms to construct new more impactful ones.