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Partners sharing their work during a field visit in Kenya.

Let’s build towards equity together. I enjoy working on projects that increase agency, opportunity, and connections. As a citizen of the world, I specialize in working across geographies and cultures to strengthen organizations and the people who power them. I seek out clients who appreciate curiosity and who have open minds to approach challenges from new angles. 

Relationships power my work. My experiences in executive leadership, board development and management, economic development, community organizing, housing development, social services programming, and fundraising have taught me that the most productive work comes from thoughtful connections. I spend time getting to know you, you get to know me, and we then use that trust to move forward together. We will often sit in discomfort and messiness, from which we can develop intentional solutions together. 


Fundraising: Even during a pandemic, development work is necessary and possible. Let’s work together on big picture planning like developing your fundraising strategy and designing a capital campaign, or dig into details through grantwriting and proposal development.

“Over one year, with help and support from Marie-Rose, we have increased our operating budget by 25% while acquiring a new building through an aggressive 1.4 million dollar capital campaign.  All areas of our fund development efforts have become more successful through our collaboration.  Marie-Rose has been a wonderful addition to our team here at The City School.” -Robert Zaccardi, Director of Development, The City School

Operations Planning: Organizations that fail often haven’t planned their underpinnings well. Let’s work together on financial analysis, financial management, budget development, organizational development, and a sustainability plan.

“Marie-Rose is a committed and skillful general management practitioner, as well as an effective organizational and resource development consultant. Her Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creativity.” -Ellen Bass, MBA, Director, Boston Capacity Tank

Strategy and Program Development: This is where the heart and soul of an organization is on full display. Let’s work together to optimize strategic planning, program design, and your measurement, learning, and evaluation structures.

“Marie-Rose has done tremendous work for Generation Excel. Because she is always pushing us to be more structured and more creative, our program is much better…Marie-Rose has been far more than a consultant; she has been a friend whose wise counsel and insight have made her an invaluable member of our team.” -Rev. Dr. Ray Hammond, Executive Director, Generation Excel

All projects take a phased approach, illustrated here.

Featured Projects

Generation Excel

I worked with GenEx to not just propose a plan to address issues of financial deficit, but to then implement the plan. It worked.

The Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center

Over eight years, I co-designed and implemented several projects spanning fundraising, website development, data collection, program leadership, and restructuring.

The Haiti Community Foundation Initiative

I co-founded, led and managed ESPWA, a Haitian-led international leadership network focused on the long-term capacity reinforcement of Haitian organizations. From this effort emerged Haiti’s first community foundation.

Parc National de la Pendjari

I led an evaluation of a one-year partnership between a regional parks organization and villages association. The goal: to determine if the non-traditional co-management model was working.