The Haiti Community Foundation Initiative

I co-founded, led and managed ESPWA, a Haitian-led international leadership network focused on the long-term capacity reinforcement of Haitian organizations. ESPWA was the lead organization for the Haiti Community Foundation Initiative (HCFI) focused on the set up of Haiti’s first community foundation with a diverse coalition of Haiti-based and international partners and stakeholders. The Haiti Community Foundation is a national network of regional funds with a central fund focusing key challenges facing Haiti.  For more than a decade, I worked with a growing local, regional, national and international network on the following:

  • The mobilization of Haiti-based and international leaders and funders to support the Haiti Community Foundation Initiative
  • The development of an culturally adequate organizational framework for the Haiti Community Foundation
    The facilitation of multiple forums and planning meetings of diverse local and international stakeholders to plan and advance HCF
  • The engagement of 600 local leaders of the Grande Anse in the regional planning of the Grand’Anse region/department of Haiti which is key to the environment and the country’s food security.
  • The conduct of an assessment of community foundation models and their best practices based on consultations with community foundations leaders, and an intensive team study visit in Kenya with the Kenya Community Development Foundation
  • The mobilization of the Grand’Anse network to conduct a comprehensive community assessment after Hurricane Matthew’s devastation, and support emergency relief efforts for unserved communities.
  • The reconstruction/rebuilding efforts in the Grand’Anse through multiple community-led initiatives benefiting thousands of community residents.
  • Community outreach, education and community economic development efforts to counter the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact.
  • The growing development of the Haiti Community Foundation (Fondation Communautaire Haitienne-Espwa)

Read more in an article from the Global Fund for Community Foundations

I got to know Marie-Rose when she started implementing the FCH-Espwa Foundation/the Haiti Community Foundation in Haiti back in 2011. As a member of the foundation, there is no way we could have created this foundation if it were not for that courageous, strong, and responsible lady. As I got to know her better, I realized that Marie-Rose is a great person that any organization or person can rely on. She is excellent with follow-ups, and when she takes a responsibility she will do everything possible to get it done and on time. She has her heart in her work and moreover, she values people way more than money. She is an excellent person to work with and whoever works with her can testify that.”  

Wisly Jasmin, Entrepreneur and Strategic advisor for FCH-Espwa

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